Student Portal

Code of Conduct

On the left side of this page you will find information relevant to expected student behaviors, events, and relevant policies that apply to students. Our student handbook is full of important information for parents, and does a great job of reflecting how the school runs, and how we expect our students to behave.

Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Andrew’s Elementary School is to foster a safe, motivating, and accepting learning environment where diversity is celebrated, and learners experience innovative teaching that promotes responsible, respectful, and globally aware citizens.

St. Andrew’s Elementary Value Statements

We value instructional time to ensure that each learner maximizes their learning potential.

We value a learning environment that nurtures and facilitates the intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of individuals resulting in healthy lifestyles.

We value a school community where everyone takes responsibility for ensuring a safe place for learning.

We value individuality and celebrate diversity.

We value a positive school environment that is respectful, friendly, supportive, and encourages all individuals to work collaboratively.

We value and promote effective leadership within our school community.

We value 21st century citizens who take responsibility and ownership of their own learning.

We value instructional diversity that motivates learners to achieve their personal best.

We value assessments that are ongoing and connected to learner’s established goals.

We value the importance of positive self-awareness and acceptance of others within a global community.